Below are just some of the services offered at Halo Creative Studios:


We update our profile photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other social platform. So why is your headshot 5+ years old? Let Halo take a new headshot for you, starting at only $150.


Halo Creative Studios handles all aspects of a photoshoot, from creative direction, hair & make-up, and the photography itself. Need video work done too? Box, checked. All you have to do is show up and be ready to see your ideas become a reality. Oh, and unlike every other studio, we don’t charge a “sitting fee.” All of our sessions include edited photos. Starting at $450.


Another word for storytelling. Everyone has a unique story to tell, it’s just a matter of how you tell it. We are professional storytellers, and have advised some of the most iconic companies and artists in the world how to craft their digital brand. Halo will work closely with you, from your social media to website and everything in between, to make sure your story is being heard. Consultations start at just $79. Can’t make it to our studio? We can also come to you.

Our capabilities don’t stop there. From graphic design to event logistics & production, we do it all. Visit our parent company Halo Creative for more information.